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Emma Jane My Bio Art & Happiness

Hello everyone, my name is Emma Jane and I am the owner, designer and illustrator behind my brand, Ogl Doll Plush Designs.

So I am sure you are eager to find out a little bit more about me right? Right! So I am like THE BIGGEST Kawaii obsessive, baking mad artist (nerd...ahem *coughs*) that you are ever likely to meet! I am a huge sucker for anything super cutesy, sparkly and fun! If it’s a plush doll OR piece of wearable art with a super cute face I.AM.THERE!!

So what do you do ACTUALLY Do?

As a day job I work in fashion retail as a style advisor for occasion wear (it’s not as fancy as it sounds, but I love it nonetheless!). I work with customers to choose their perfect outfit for say, a wedding OR even an anniversary and other special events! I love working with people, I get such utter joy from being part of making someone’s day that extra bit more special as well as feeling and looking fabulous; I pride myself on my customer service and ability to spread a smile.

On the side, I am a Graphic Designer and Illustrator, where I amalgamate all of my artistic skills to create adorable plush dolls, accessories and artwork. I also offer my design services to start-up and small to medium size businesses where I concentrate on branding (it’s my speciality!), I’ll work with my clients to create new OR refresh their current branding (logo, stationery etc.) to allow them to push their business to new heights with polished beautiful visual.

How did your Brand Ogl Doll Come About?

My absolute passion in the whole entire world is Kawaii plush collectable dolls and art; during my college days studying a HND in Graphic Design, I developed up my own brand which was inspired through my utter love for Japanese art, design and culture. I live it, I breathe it and I create it! It is the very reason for why Ogl Doll exists. I would spend hours sketching up my own cute characters when it suddenly came to me... 'These would look amazing as plush collectable dolls!' and so eight years ago, I set to work on designing templates and chose fabrics that I thought would really highlight their unique characteristics.

To cut a long story short, my artwork and plush dolls in terms of visual, have certainly changed and developed over the years to become more adaptable and individual; yet still hold their distinct flat, round design. All my dolls and other textile work are sewn by hand (no word of a lie!) which means that not only are you purchasing a piece of art, but a piece of my soul and utter love and commitment for what I do, in terms of creative it’s my whole world it makes me tremendously happy!

As for my illustration, it just gets cuter and cuter and CUTER and the colours more fabulous than ever! (Think sparkly, Rainbow pastel and ridiculously happy, and you’re there!).

I have also expanded my product range with a whole host of other handmade and printed goodies including unique tote bags with matching coin purses where I make the fabric the main feature. I source most of my printed fabrics from Japan and other fabric outlets that stock these wonderfully charming printed materials so that I can create the most adorable and unique designs for all you Kawaii loving lot out there. Like my dolls, I also offer a bespoke made to order service. Other products include clothing, badges, stickers, fabrics and my proudest product to date, my ‘Lucky Lucky Colouring Magical Fantasy’ colouring book which is comprised of my super duper cutesy characters in Black and White, ready to be transformed into your own beautiful masterpieces; I even got to choose the paper so you get the BEST quality possible at an affordable price.

To find out even more, and check out my works in progress and purchase cutesy loveliness of all kinds you can find me on: 


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